Your job is to become the Official Blogger for Mesopotamia, but before you can make a name for yourself, you must first find out as much as you can.

FIRST: What is a blog?

SECOND: Use the links below to gather information you need to know to create a blog about Mesopotamia. Teach others what it would be like to live in Mesopotamia including:
  • Mesopotamia's location
  • What it was like to live there
  • How did people develop writing
Need ideas??: One idea would be to create an advertising campaign to get others to want to visit Mesopotamia. Use your blog to inform others of the wonders of the land between the Euphrates and the Tigris.
Another idea would be to imagine that you are a person living in that time and create a blog that documents your daily life.
Use your imagination, think outside the box.

don't forget to click the "story" and "explore" links

external image mesopotamia0.gif

Mesopotamian Geography
-where was Mesopotamia Located?
-describe the landscape in various regions
-what was irrigation? why was it important?
-who was Gilgamesh

To consider: what was it like to live in Mesopotamia?

external image mesopotamia-timeline-events.gif

Mesopotamian Timeline
-when did the Mesopotamians exist?
-how did lifestyles change or remain the same?

Food for Thought: How can you make others understand the importance of Mesopotamia by sharing information about the timeline?

external image cuneiform1262394048.jpg

Mesopotamian Writing
-what did the Mesopotamians use writing for?
-what are pictograms?
-what is cuneiform?**

To consider: How difficult would it be if we wrote in cuneiform script today?

Assyrian Palaces

Babylonian Trade and Transport

Sumerian Ziggurats