Roman Republic Webquest

Use the links to find the answers to the questions:

Link 1

1. How long ago did tribes settle between the 7 hills?
2. What river was Rome located by?
3. Who was the first Roman King and who was his father?

Link 2

4. Who were Romulus and Remus?
5. Why was their story important?

Link 3

6. List 3 things that were the same with the Patricians and Plebians
7. List 3 things that were different.

Link 4

8. What is the Circus Maximus? (be sure to give some information about it)

Link 5

9. What was the most important power of the Consuls?
10. What was the Senate?
11. What was the Assembly?
12. Between the Senate and the Assembly, which was more powerful? Why?

Link 6

13. What does SPQR mean?

Link 7

14. How long did the Romans fight their last king?
15. How do the 12 Tables get their name?
16. What did the laws cover?
17. Read the 8 examples of laws, which is your favorite and why?

Link 8

18. What was the Forum? (Be detailed)
19. How were you supposed to argue? explain what that means...

Link 9

20. Who could use the baths?
21. How many public baths were there?

Link 10

22. What was the Aeneid? Who wrote it?
23. What was the Aeneid about and what did it explain?

Link 11

24. What were the 4 accomplishments listed about Caesar?
25. What were the problems in the Republic?
26. What happened when Caesar broke the law and took over Rome?

Link 12

27. Explain Tax Farmers and why it was a bad thing...
28. How did elected officials use there positions to get rich?
29. How was the lack of a police force a bad thing?

Link 13

30. Who was Cicero? Explain